Is your organization struggling with one or more of the following?

  • You aspire to become a premier explorer, but struggle to define what that actually means
  • You are caught in volume versus value trade off conversations
  • You have a hard time defending your long term investment proposals to the board of directors
  • Your technology investments are too often treated as a discretionary cost
  • You feel that strategy is being substituted by planning by spreadsheets
  • People are not accountable for missing their growth promises

And the question on everybody’s mind

  • Does the current oil price environment represent a new equilibrium of fundamentals?

Exploration Prowess

Exploration Prowess

Our value proposition is to help you develop Exploration Prowess through the combination of strategic discipline in your growth seeking activities and the organizational ability to execute the strategy and deliver superior returns from your exploration investment. Any growth seeking activity should start with a clear identification of the growth challenge, followed by discussion on possible strategies and the search for opportunities. The next step involves converging on the best opportunities through a rigorous portfolio section process followed by capital allocation. The organizational ability in the execution of this process a well as execution on the strategy will differentiate you from others in term of first quartile reserves replacement ratios and sustainable high returns on investment.